Silver Technology Consultants
Website Design and IT Services - from an experienced, local provider
Silver Technology Consultants has been a premier provider of IT services in the Chicagoland area for nearly 20 years. Please try out our services. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Use the chat icon to the top right or our Contact Page to reach out once you are ready to move forward.
Thank you, Zach Silver
Services Provided
Computer Repair Services
Owner-provided Computer Repair. Silver Tech is A+ certified and has been providing services locally since 1999 - trust that you will get your machine fixed correctly and quickly. Most work is done on-site, but remote services are available.
IT Consultant Services
Lots of technology, lots of choices. A dedicated consultant to help steer your technology choices - and the same person to help implement them. Excellent for businesses that don't have their own IT department.
Website Design Services
Custom website design from a local, experienced provider that is dedicated to you realizing your online goals - reach out to learn more!
Search Engine Optimization
Silver Technology Consultants is an experienced provider of Search Engine Optimization and can place you higher up on Google and other search engines - inquire to learn more!
Internet Provider Help
Do you want to reduce your bill or rate or eliminate modem rental charges? Silver Tech can help with that - years of experience in dealing with both Comcast and AT&T reps mean you will get the best deal possible.
Wireless Networking
Silver Tech is able to help with all different types of network configurations and able to achieve wireless where you didn't think it was possible. Looking to upgrade or replace your current router? It will be easy with Silver Tech.
Computer Virus Removal
If your machine is infected with a virus it can cause all sorts of problems. Silver Tech can help you decide what action is best for your infected machine and then immediately take action to get your issue resolved.
Home Security and Comfort
There are lots of great products available to make your home a safer, more comfortable place. Silver Tech helps you decide which ones are right for you and then can help by installing everything for you.
Data Backup & Recovery
Need data backed up or recovered? Data backup can be in the cloud (internet) for only $60/year or on-site for the cost of a hard drive. All backup options we recommend are completely automatic and seamless.
Devices & Peripheral Support
I would be happy to help you with your devices and peripherals including: Routers, Printers and Scanners, Fax, Tablets, Webcams, Speakers, Bluetooth Devices, and Phones. Full Service consult, setup, and support is what we do!
Support for many brands and service providers
Get ready for a true Full Service Experience for your I.T. needs.
When something goes wrong with your technology, you only have to call a single point of contact.

...and many more.
Not Your Standard Geek
  • Purdue College of Technology Trained
  • Technician is the Owner
  • Local - since 1999
  • Punctual Appointments
  • Woof! Pet Friendly
  • Apple and PC Help